We schedule all mow & trim services between Monday and Thursday. We do this because in order to work around the weather, we must have Friday and Saturday available as make-up days for weeks with poor weather. While you will be scheduled on the same day every week, please understand that we are not able to commit to a specific day. Most of the time your lawn will be mowed on the same day. In the event we're not able to service your property on the scheduled day, we will mow no sooner than 6 days, and no more than 8 days after the previous mowing. On very, very rare occasions (generally caused by extended periods of very bad weather) we will deviate from this rule.

Can I request a specific day of the week to be mowed?

We can not accommodate day-specific mowing requests. In order to keep our pricing competitive and our quality exceptional, we use software to optimize our routing and logistics. This means your property will be added to our schedule in the place that results in the least amount of driving. Our clients greatly value our reliability. We're able to deliver reliable weekly service because we don't make day-specific commitments. Weather is always a factor that has to be worked around. Sometimes it's hot and dry, sometimes it's wet and rainy, but you will never be left wondering why we didn't show up to perform service, because we will always show up.

what if my lawn doesn't need to be mowed?

Occasionally if the weather has been hot and dry for an extended period of time, and your lawn does not have irrigation, it may not need to be cut. We will not skip a mowing unless the crew leader determines that mowing will be harmful to your lawn. If you would like us to skip your service on a given week, please let us know as soon as possible by replying to the dispatch notification. If you wait until the crew arrives on-site, you will be charged for the mowing.