we keep your card information secure

Credit cards offer some awesome benefits. Convenience, fraud protection, points, miles, cash back, and other rewards. In today's market, credit card security is extremely important, and we take it very seriously at Terra Mira. We do not store your credit card information with our company. We use a credit card processor (Bluepay) who keeps your credit card information on our behalf. Bluepay is used by some of the biggest brands you trust like Southwest Airlines, Clif Bar, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and many others. 

Bluepay adheres to industry standards for keeping card information secure (a standard called PCI-DSS). Once we input your card information it is tokenized (a process that keeps it away from hackers) and sent securely encrypted to Bluepay. They store the card information on our behalf. We can only see the last four digits and the expiration date. This is the same credit card information that gets printed on a receipt from the grocery store when you pay by credit card.

So, no-one at Terra Mira has access to your card information after we input it. Even if your own account (or our system) is compromised, they can not access your card information, because it's not stored with us. If you have any questions about the security of your card information, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@terramira.com or 518.588.8835